President's Message

This higher education institution was founded in 1980 as National Yunlin Institute of Technology, with Dr Tien-Chin Chang appointed as the first president. The school was restructured as National Huwei Institute of Technology in 1997 and then expanded into National Formosa University (NFU) in 2004. NFU, a polytechnic institute, has been focusing on industry application and dedicated to quality education; therefore, it has been recognized as one of the favorite universities among students and entrepreneurs in Taiwan.


Currently, there are 4 colleges, 19 departments, 18 master’s degree programs, and 2 doctoral degree programs in NFU, and the total number of enrolled students is more than 10,000. To realize our educational philosophy of student-centered teaching and learning, NFU has taken substantial measures, such as strengthening teaching resources, advancing general education, enhancing students’ English proficiency, developing international academic exchange and cooperation, constructing a learning environment that supports quality life and leisure activities, and hosting a wide range of cultural activities and art exhibitions to create a campus atmosphere of arts and humanities. Through these efforts, we hope to educate our students to become top notch talents, who acquire not only professional knowledge and skills but also the core competences in language, art appreciation, creativity, leadership, interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and globalization.

  NFU has long been renowned for its outstanding teaching and research on technology. For example, since 2006, we have received funding from MOE (Ministry of Education) Teaching Excellence Projects for eight years in a row. In addition, according to HEEACT’s institutional evaluation results in 2011, out of NFU’s 24 academic units under evaluation, 23 were granted the status “Accredited”. In the areas of university-industry collaboration, patent licensing, and technology transfer, NFU has also ranked among the best technological universities in Taiwan. Moreover, in 2012, NFU procured an approximately 17-hectare land in Yunlin HSR station area for our new campus, and we are now formulating a plan for its future development. Finally, in 2013, NFU received grants from MOE’s 2013~2016 “Plan for Developing Technological University Paradigms”, which indeed attested to NFU’s recognition by all sectors of society.
In accordance with MOE’s reforms of Higher Technological and Vocational Education (TVE), NFU is striving to establish an industry-government-university connection and collaboration and make a “seamless link to industry” for our students from different education systems. Our strategic plan includes a series of entrepreneur internships, university-industry collaboration and joint management, practices of joint faculty appointments with our partner high schools, technological universities, and universities, and increased cooperation with government agencies and corporate bodies. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate well-rounded human resources for industries and ensure all NFU students are well-trained, highly competitive, and readily employable after graduation, so that that NFU can live up to its reputation as “technological university paradigm”.